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Biographie For example, after this period of specialization, the steamed buns and steamed buns made by Yingsao now taste quite good. According to Nuaner, it shouldn't be a problem for her to open a breakfast shop. So, Yingsao is actively looking at the location recently, where is better to open. If you don't leave at that time, you have to go to support it. Madam, do you know that Xiulan went to the restaurant to sing? Nuaner nodded and said that Xiulan was one of the people who came here to learn the art with her sister-in-law. However, the last time she went shopping on the street, she saw them in front of a famous restaurant in the city. They were dressed to the nines, holding a lute in their hands. What did they do there without asking. At that time, Nuaner was a little sad, spent so much thought, but as a result, they still went back to the old road. This matter, Nuaner later did not mention to others. Xiulan did not come here again. But I don't know how sister-in-law Ying knows that she already knows? Ying sister-in-law is more uneasy, these people here to learn, I do not know how many things spoiled the wife,pumpkin seed extract, in the end, there are still many sisters can not bear this hardship, and finally chose to go back to the old road. I'm really sorry for madam's heart. What's more, if it wasn't for her own request, how could her wife agree to let those sisters? Xiulan and a few of them are too disappointing. Mrs. Ying felt that her face was burning and she could not even speak. I saw sister-in-law Ying's embarrassed and helpless appearance. Nuaner quickly pulled her down on the chair. It's none of your business. Mrs. Ying, don't take it to heart. Originally,jujube seed powder, everyone has his own ambition, and he can't force it. "But." Sister Ying still feels sorry. Nuaner stopped her with a smile and a wave of her hand. Stop it. I know what you mean. Don't take this matter too seriously. Everyone has different ideas, and they still have to go their own way. We can't force others to do something. They are not children, and naturally they have their own calculations, which are not necessarily wrong. Don't be unhappy with them for me, sister-in-law Ying. In that case, I'm really unhappy. "That.." Mrs. Ying looked at Nuaner worriedly. "Will you continue to teach us?" She is really worried about warm son because Xiulan a few stop at this point, originally, with the status of the madam, should not associate with these people with them, now, but also out of Xiulan a few bad girls. Nuaner nodded, that's natural. One thing is one thing, phycocyanin spirulina ,lutein eye complex, and she is not the kind of person who can lose her temper at will. Nuaner went on to say. In fact, what should be taught to you is almost done. The rest of you can practice slowly. In my opinion, it won't take a few days. Ying sister-in-law nodded, this is also true. As the saying goes, the master leads the door, and the practice is in the individual. This is the truth. Why did you come here alone today? Where is the kitten? It's not good to leave him alone at home. Sister Qiuju is watching for me. It's all right, but I have to go back. And warm son said these, the British sister-in-law's heart also went to a big stone. The favor she got from Nuaner was so great that she really didn't want to be sad for these people. Xiulan they are also true, at the beginning is also they clamor to come, the result is like this. Alas, after making money, I have to find a way to move to a place to live. Bring some dubious men back every other day, and there are other women who come to me. It's not good for children to see. With that, Mrs. Ying and Nuaner took their leave and went back. Sister, if you are not happy, I will go to catch them back and let them listen to my sister. Wuchou suddenly stared at Nuaner and said earnestly. I didn't.. Warm son defended a sentence, see no sorrow that pair of serious eyes, but can not say this kind of duplicitous words. She nodded and honestly admitted to Wuchou: "I am a little unhappy.". But don't think about whether to arrest people or not. Otherwise, I will ignore it. Warm son threat way, now no worry bold, warm son is really afraid of her impulse, really ran to catch Xiulan a few, that is trouble. Seeing Nuaner's serious appearance, Wuchou nodded his head hurriedly. No, my sister can't ignore me.
All right, let those pesky female bugs go. Girl At this time, Qinglian came over to Nuaner and Wuchou. What's the matter? "Shuiyue, who called herself Shuiyue Nunnery, said she wanted to see the girl." "Master Shuiyue?" Nuaner was a little surprised. How could she come to Donghai City? Besides, you found yourself? However, far away from home, suddenly heard a message from an acquaintance, warm son is also quite happy. Where is it now? "She has been asked to sit down first in the side hall." Qinglian replied. Nuaner hurriedly put down the work at hand and walked to the side hall. And no worry, nature is firmly behind the warm son. Chapter Three Hundred Goodbye Water Moon As soon as Nuaner entered the side hall, she saw the familiar figure of Master Shuiyue. She was holding a cup of tea in her hand. When she saw Nuaner coming in, she stood up and gave a gift. Little benefactor. Nuaner also returned a gift. Master, you don't have to be polite. Qinglian doesn't know you. You are wronged. Please follow me to the main hall. Said Nuaner apologetically. Where is the bias? Where am I? Why not, if you feel that this is the main hall? Shuiyue looked at Nuaner with a smile, and her words seemed to be mysterious. Seeing that Master Shuiyue didn't care, Nuaner didn't insist. The master,jujube seed powder, please sit down. Nuan'er waited for Master Shuiyue to sit down before he sat down. Wuchou looked at Shuiyue curiously, but lost interest and only clung to Nuan'er's side. Master, don't blame Wuchou for being rude. She can't remember anything from the past. Nuaner explained. What Shuiyue said next was a surprise to Nuaner. I came this time just to have no worries. To have no worries? Nuan'er was puzzled at first and then overjoyed. So you have a way to cure no worries? 。 
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