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Biographie "All right," said Yang Menghuan, "let's go." Two people come back around the mountain bend, Li Canglan, Kunlun three sons, as expected, are anxiously waiting. Huizhenzi was the most concerned. She came up first and said, "Is Miss Zhu all right?" "Sister Lan is fine," said Zhao Xiaodie. "She has something to do first. She wants me to apologize to you." "It depends," said Yang Menghuan. "Miss Zhu may be preparing for a duel with Tao Yu in March.." Li Canglan said, "She is young, but she can prepare for a rainy day in everything. It is really beyond the reach of ordinary people." "My father-in-law is right," said Yang Menghuan. With a slight pause in his voice, he added, "Now that Miss Zhu has gone, we don't have to wait here any longer." Li Canglan said, "Yes!"! There is one thing we have to deal with earlier. "What's the matter?" Asked Yang Menghuan. Li Canglan said, "Master Tianhong and Taoist Jingxuan are still guarding those Tianzhu monks. We should go back and deal with them." By this time, the Tianzhu monks who were forced to come with Master Zhiguang had been besieged by the three sons of Kunlun and the Jade Xiao Fairy. Most of them were killed or wounded, and the rest of them were also hit by acupoints. The Jade Xiao Fairy chose a place of green grass,empty lotion tubes, dug a pit, and buried the body of the Poisonous Man. She said sadly, "The chaos is still going on. You can only stay here for the time being. I will rebuild the cemetery for you later." The Poison Man was arrogant and unruly all his life, but he refused to fight against the Jade Xiao Fairy. He served her and died. After the burial, the Jade Xiao Fairy walked slowly back to Yang Menghuan's side and asked in a low voice, "Yang Xianggong, tell me where Miss Zhu has gone." "She didn't tell me when she left," said Yang Menghuan. "Which direction did she go?" Asked the Jade Xiao Fairy. "The situation is uncertain now,custom cosmetic packaging," said Yang Menghuan. "Let's go back to the villa together and arrange for the rest of Tianzhu. How about going to find Miss Zhu?" The Jade Xiao Fairy hesitated for a moment and said, "My concubine will go first, and my husband will come later.." Glancing at Hua'e and the maidservants she had brought with her, she said, "These Hua'e maidservants are led by Miss Peng. My husband has something to do, so he told Miss Peng the same thing." Yang Menghuan looked at her with a firm expression and said in a low voice, "It seems that she is going to the southwest. No matter whether she catches up with Miss Zhu or not, she hopes to return to the villa before dark." Fairy Yuxiao smiled faintly and said, "Don't wait for me. If I catch up with Miss Zhu, I may not be able to persuade her to go back. If I can't catch up with her, my concubine will have no face to come back." Yang Menghuan said to himself, "This Jade Xiao Fairy is really clever. She seems to have seen that the situation is not right. But before the inside story is known, it is not convenient to reveal it." Then he said in a low voice, "Miss Yuxiao, eye cream packing tube ,plastic cosmetic tubes, I have something to ask you. I hope you will agree." "What's the matter?" Asked the Jade Xiao Fairy. Yang Menghuan said, "Miss Zhu, I hope you can leave a secret note along the way. I'll do something after perfection and rush to pursue her immediately." "All right, I promise," said the Jade Xiao Fairy. Turn around and stride away. Yang Menghuan looked at the back of the jade Xiao fairy, disappeared, just and Qunhao, together back to the villa. By this time, the disciples of Shaolin and Wudang had arrived and entered the hall. After a fierce battle, the monks of Tianzhu suffered many casualties. Most of them were touched by Tianhong and Jingxuan. One of the Shaolin abominations died and two were injured, and three disciples of Wudang were also injured. Among the monks in Tianzhu, only Master Zhixin escaped from the siege. After Yang Menghuan and others returned to the villa, the fierce battle was over. The Shaolin monks and Wudang disciples were sorting out the aftermath. The Tianzhu monks who entered the Central Plains were disintegrated in just a few hours after Baiduweng used a strange poison to break the Fright Array and perish with Zhiguang. Count point to capture, a total of nine Tianzhu monks, the six big fellow dressed in green shirt, in addition to escape a mind, all were annihilated. Master Tianhong ordered that all the people from Tianzhu who were not dead should be given acupoints, and a Shaolin monk was sent to guard them in the same room. After the joint efforts of Shaolin monks and Wudang disciples to clean and wash the bloody villa, the old view was quickly restored. Yang Menghuan and Qunhao entered the hall and took their seats. They folded their fists and said, "For Yang, the hero of labor, Yang is here to thank you.".
” Master Tianhong and Taoist Jingxuan stood up together and saluted, saying, "Daxia Yang is the sign of justice in the martial arts world. Tao Yuzhi is in the same way in all the martial arts world. Daxia Yang is just the first to bear the brunt. If he is plotted against, it will bring disaster to the martial arts. We come to help him. That's just to protect ourselves." Yang Menghuan said, "I have made an appointment with Tao Yu to meet at Hengshan Mountain in March. At that time, Tao Yu will go all out. You should also prepare for it. This should be the last battle. If Tao Yu can be cut off in this battle, Wulin will be calm in 30 years." "It's a matter of great importance," said the Taoist Priest Jingxuan. "We must be prepared. But a snake can't fly without its head, and a bird can't fly without its wings. We should also elect one of us to take charge of the overall situation, so that we can unify our powers and send troops to deal with a strong enemy." "As far as I know," said Master Tianhong, "all the heroes in the world are coming here from all directions. The person in charge must be the one who is expected by all. Therefore, this person is Master Yang." Yang Menghuan said, "I should have been ordered, but I have some difficulties, so I have to explain them first." The third son of Kunlun was silent all the time, and Li Canglan could not speak much. Master Tianhong asked him, "What's the reason for Master Yang? You should know that in the martial arts world today, besides you, Master Yang, there is only one Miss Zhu who has this virtue." Yang Menghuan said, "In order to deal with the meeting after March, I must do my best with Miss Zhu and others in March to study several kinds of martial arts so that we can deal with Tao Yu after March. Therefore, you must recommend another person in charge." "Where has Miss Zhu gone?" Asked Li Canglan. "Miss Zhu is waiting for me and Miss Zhao in another place," said Yang Menghuan. Li Canglan nodded and said,empty cosmetic tubes, "This is a very important thing." "Therefore," said Yang Menghuan, "one of you must be elected to take charge of the matter." 。 
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