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Biographie When the Holy Mother of the Turtle Spirit heard this, she said in awe, Younger Martial Brother. Don't be careless! I told you to listen. The Buddha was originally the first disciple of my Jiejiao. His name is Duobao Taoist. What a teacher dotes on. Brother, respect! However, he was captured by Master Bo when he was deified. Turn Hu into Buddha outside Hangu Pass. From then on, he entered Buddhism. Became the leader of one party! Many bhikkhus and arhats on his Lingshan Mountain were all transformed by my Jiejiao disciples. They are thinking of the former teacher's affection. I don't expect to embarrass you! As long as you still need to be careful of a few people! Pigsy frowned and asked, "Who are they?" "Cihang, Samantabhadra, and Manjusri," said the Holy Mother of the Turtle Spirit with a gloomy expression. You must guard against it; that fellow who lights the lamp. You should be careful; as for the long-eared, light-bound and joyful Buddha. You should be on your guard. This fellow was originally a disciple of my Jiejiao. Damn it, he defected to the enemy in the Ten Thousand Immortals Array. As a result, I was defeated by Jiejiao. The teacher lost all his face. From then on, my Jiejiao was reduced to the left in the three realms. Thanks to him! Say it. Even more gnashing of teeth. I wish I could beat a bead of the long-eared light Buddha into ashes! "Don't worry, Elder Martial Sister,plastic pallet bin," said Zhu Bajie, nodding his head. My old pig knows. If there is a time. My old pig killed that fellow. Revenge for the teacher! When the Holy Mother of the Turtle Spirit heard this, she said with a smile, "That's not necessary!"! Younger brother. Although you have the cultivation of Taiyi Jinxian. Still no match for him. What's more, he had in his hand the six-soul banner that the teacher had personally refined and sacrificed. How can you defeat him? All you have to do is be careful in Buddhism and you will be safe! Pigsy broke out in a cold sweat when he heard this. He nods pig head fiercely: "My old pig is known!" When the Holy Mother of Turtle Spirit saw Zhu Bajie, she listened to him in her heart. "Don't forget what I told you before,wholesale plastic pallet," he said with a smile. Go to Dou Shuigong to ask for Dan first. You don't have to worry. Just get there, Dan! When Zhu Bajie heard this, he resumed his grinning appearance. He laughed and said, "I'm going to be an old pig!"! Elder Martial Sister, take care! Then he put the nine-foot rake on his shoulder at his feet. Urge the magic power. Turn into a streamer and disappear in the sky in an instant! The Holy Mother of Turtle Spirit looked at the figure of Zhu Bajie who was far away. And shook his head. The turtle glanced to the west. A cold smile. Then there was a surge of figures. Disappear in the air! Do not mention that Zhu Bajie went to Dou Shuigong to ask for elixir. He only said that Monkey Sun had been defeated by the Holy Mother of Turtle Spirit. Lost in the heart. Go back. Is walking the road of thousands of miles. Suddenly there was a meal. He pulled out the Ruyi Golden Cudgel. Look ahead coldly. "Who is here to intercept my grandson?" He said in a cold voice. Why don't you show yourself quickly? The voice just fell. But see the front gradually appear in a Taoist robe. With hemp shoes on his feet. Holding a whisk in his right hand. A school of Fengshen handsome. Fairy Taoist! The Taoist gave a salute on the opposite side. "The poor Taoist taught Master Xuandu," he said. I've seen the Great Sage Equaling Heaven! Monkey Sun was taken aback when he heard this. Just because the opposite Taoist is an unfathomable look. He couldn't see the cultivation of the other side. Visible when above him! Although I don't know who Xuandu Shi is. It's just that they treat each other with courtesy. He also returned a gift. "I'm so polite," he said! Who is the Taoist priest? I, Lao Sun, was also an official in heaven. He boasts that he has a wide range of friends. All the immortals in the three realms know eighty percent of them. I've just never seen a Taoist priest. I don't know where you came from. What do you want to say to me, Lao Sun? Master Xuandu said with a smile, plastic bulk containers ,heavy duty plastic pallet, "I have come here to obey the teacher's decree.". Come to end the cause and effect with the Great Sage Equaling Heaven! Monkey Sun's eyes narrowed when he heard this. "I've never seen you before," he said in a cold voice. Not to mention your teacher. Has there ever been a cause and effect? When Master Xuandu heard this, he shook his head and said with a smile, "Didn't the Great Sage Equaling Heaven forget that he was in front of Wuzhuang Temple that day?". Once cursed the saint. The matter of the cause and effect of the holy knot? The poor way is a disciple taught by others. "Come and end the relationship between you and my teacher with the Great Sage!" Monkey Sun was shocked when he heard this. He composed himself for a moment. "In that case," he said with his head held high. Let me, Lao Sun, learn the immortal method of the Taoist Priest! Then he stood in the air with his Ruyi Golden Cudgel. A towering momentum burst out from him. Surrounded by the gas of Gengjin, it rushed into his body like a spring. A layer of dazzling golden light is dazzling. Like a golden bird coming into the world! Master Xuandu looked at Monkey Sun, whose momentum was rising. Don't move.
Smile and say nothing! [Volume III, Chapter 20: Bajie Subdues Demons and Returns to Jiejiao] Master Xuandu looked at the rising Sun Wukong and felt the boundless spirit of Gengjin. With a slight smile, the whisk in his hand shook gently, and a Xuanqi shot at Sun Wukong. When the mysterious Qi reached Sun Wukong's whole body, it suddenly turned into a long belt, wrapped around Sun Wukong's whole body, and scattered strands of immortal Qi. In an instant, a light curtain was laid, cutting off the connection between the Qi of Gengjin and Sun Wugong. The Qi of Gengjin could no longer enter Sun Wugong's body! Sun Wukong was feeling the sharp fullness of the boundless Gengjin Qi, and suddenly he felt a stagnation in his body, a turbulence in his breath, and a churning of Qi and blood! He looked at Xuandu Division in horror, then calmed down his breath, raised the Ruyi Golden Cudgel in his hand, and with a loud shout, a force suddenly burst out, broke through the light curtain, and rushed to Xuandu Division with the force of ten thousand Jun. When it comes to the top of Xuandu's head, it turns into an iron rod in an instant, shining with thousands of rays of light! Master Xuandu shook the whisk in his hand, but when he saw that the whisk stretched ten thousand feet in an instant, he wrapped it around the Ruyi Golden Cudgel. With a gentle pull, he pulled the Ruyi Golden Cudgel aside and brushed past him, hurting him at all! Master Xuandu put his right hand gently on Sun Wukong's chest. Sun Wukong felt a huge force pouring into his body out of his control. He carried him backwards and flew a hundred miles away. With a sound, Sun Wakong could not help spurting blood and fell heavily to the ground! Master Xuandu looked at Sun Wukong, who had fallen to the ground. He sighed and said, "Great Sage Equaling Heaven,spill plastic pallet, the cause and effect between you and your teacher has come to an end. I hope you will take care of yourself." Then his figure gradually disappeared in front of Sun Wukong's eyes. Wait until Master Xuandu leaves. Sun Wukong just stood up and silently looked at the disappearing figure of Xuandu Shi, silent for a long time. His mind turned and he stood still. A gust of wind blew and rolled up the fallen leaves on the ground. Looking at the fallen leaves rising with the wind, he slowly turned around and left step by step. 
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