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Biographie In this age, as a common people, life is not very satisfactory, the same want to survive, it is not easy, but we are all soldiers, perhaps the best outcome is to die in battle. Horse leather wrapped corpses, but the soldiers in the hearts of that urgent desire, they are not for that person, if to tell the truth, in fact, is for the family to live a better life, not that they are not afraid of death. It's that they have a belief that everything is for their families, and of course, now I have to add that under the influence of the little crystal subconscious, the hearts of these guys. It is likely that they are all born to fight, and in the same way, even if they die in battle, their families'lives are worry-free, and the chances of this happening are very small. No matter what time it is, it is not easy to happen, especially in the external army, one reason is that everyone has a very handy weapon. One is the armor they wear. Whether it is weapons or armor, it can be said that it is not ordinary goods, in several wars, the death of companions can be said to be very few, the fundamental reason is the contribution of weapons and armor. Xie Hou Ye! "Zhenbei Hou!"! Zhen Bei Hou! Zhenbei Hou! The whole army, suddenly noisy up, surrounded by more and more foot soldiers, looks a little crowded,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, so Zhang Yi pressed his arm and said to everyone. I have seen everyone's performance. As the war is approaching, we have taken all defensive measures. Now all the foot soldiers are back at their posts, waiting for the order to start! In front of everyone, Zhang Yi opened his mouth to fight, to know that the former big fellow, in the face of those nomadic people on the grassland, is likely to shrink up. There is no other good way, want to fight with the nomadic people, this kind of thing is impossible to appear, now the big fellow is able to feel proud and elated, the biggest guard of honor is to have the town north Hou. Especially in the area under the jurisdiction of Zhenbeihou,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, the development of all walks of life is flourishing, and they are all developing in a positive and vigorous direction, with these foundations laid. The big fellow can continue to expand, especially in the northern grasslands and the western regions, in the case that everyone did not think of, there was a one-sided battle. Soon ended the fragmented regime struggle, finally all by Zhang Yi sent troops jurisdiction, which means a lot of things, in the center of the power of the big fellow, after a little bit of vitality. The court has a stupid and dynamic situation, or those so-called families, some people have not learned a lesson, after having power, they need benefits, and Zhang Yi for anyone. That attitude is very tough, especially those aristocratic families, although the Han Ling Emperor Liu Hong is trying to suppress, for this matter, his heart is the most clear. To say that the whole big fellow, now the most powerful, not others but Zhang Yi, Time Delay Tap ,stainless steel shower tray, the most powerful may also be Zhang Yi, even the guards of the whole palace, all the masters are Zhang Yi. To say that those ministers do not know, it is estimated that they are pretending to be garlic, Han Ling Emperor is not without the use of means, but the effect received, can be said to be minimal, there is no clue. Whether it is the promise of high officials, or there is a generous salary, but did not play any role, think of Wang Yue, Han Dang, Wang Wu, Wang Ru, Pan Feng and so on, these heavily armed guys. For his big fellow emperor's promise, is pretending not to hear, if not for the fear of chaos in the capital, he would have sent a move to let people with troops rushed into the palace. This kind of thing is still very dangerous, a bad big fellow two hundred years of inheritance, will be ruined in the hands of his Liu Hong, there is a word before maybe he didn't want to understand. Now or slowly groped out, the so-called is really easy to please God to send God, such a simple truth, before is really not too concerned about, although he Han Ling Emperor is to understand. But in this world, there are still many people who don't think clearly. Why do you bother? Liu Hong's head is very big now, perhaps he is not a good emperor, but it is not too fatuous, which involves what people, just think about it.
With the support of so many ministers, he did not believe, but some ministers involved, there is definitely a very unusual identity of the guy, this guy's identity is very special. Can play this role, perhaps in addition to the crown prince, no one else can think of. Chapter 898 an inflatable doll. "Liu Bian!"! What on earth do you want to play? There are many masters in the palace, which Liu Hong knows, think about the degree of fear of that woman, and finally Zhang Yi to easily solve, this situation can only explain a problem. Zhang Yi's strength is absolutely fierce, but in front of everyone did not show, this is a kind of shock and awe, especially for him Liu Hong. If there is any sign of trouble in the palace, it is likely that in the first time, Zhang Yi will know, this is the strength of the benefits, Liu Hong thought a lot in his heart. For his son's hatred of iron does not become steel, as well as the kind of worry about Zhang Yi, perhaps it is more appropriate to say that fear, the news of Emperor Ling of the Han Dynasty during this period is somewhat blocked. The son he was most worried about, that is, Liu Bian's little Taizheng, was on a woman at the moment, some of the meaning of joy, probably other things have not been considered. Just thought of carpe diem, if someone saw the scene at the moment, will be surprised from ear to ear, to say that Liu Bian is in carpe diem, just let a person can't imagine is. The object of his pleasure was only a lifeless woman, and there was something wrong with the dead man he was aiming at, but it was all too weird. On the table in the outer room, a beautiful woman was drinking tea leisurely at the moment, as if she had not heard what was happening in the room, and really turned a deaf ear to it. Looks strange boring, beauty's mouth kept saying something,Time Delay Faucet, to be heard by everyone, perhaps can only respond to Liu Bian with sympathy, happened in the palace inside this scene. 
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