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Biographie You should know that Qin Yu has been lonely since childhood, suffering from bullying, full of hatred for people and the world. After his apprenticeship, he was told by the corpse demon king for ten years. In addition to his deeper jealousy, he had no distinct idea about the word "beauty and ugliness" in the world. Although Liu Mei was beautiful, Qin Yu loved her unruly personality rather than her charming face. He now receives the grace of Lin Hui-chu's survival. Lin Hui-chu treats him better than Liu Mei. When he is frustrated, even if Lin Hui-zhu is uglier than no salt, he will not give birth to any sense of disgust. Moreover, apart from the left half of her cheek, is Lin Hui-zhu ugly? Mindful of this, without hesitation, he still gently tied the veil on her face, then took out the medicine bottle from his bosom and fed him a few pills of the secret "Prolonging Life and Protecting yuan Pill" made by his school. At the same time, he used his right palm to touch the "Mingmen Point" on Lin Huizhu's back to inject his True Qi into her body to help the medicine spread and stimulate her internal functions. After about half a cup of hot tea, Lin Huizhu woke up with a gentle "bang". Qin Yu closed his palm and said softly: "Miss Lin, do you feel better now?" Lin Huizhu did not know that Qin Yu had peeked at her true face. She opened her eyes and touched the veil on her face with her hand. The veil was still there, and she was relieved. She smiled at Qin Yu and said: "It doesn't matter. I just took a sword and shed some blood. It doesn't matter. But you and Deng Wuji fought hard. Were you hurt by him?" Qin Yu saw her eyebrows bloom spring flowers, eyes flow, smile so naturally, and the feeling of concern, overflowing, can not help but think of her left half of the face,plastic pallet price, this is really the world's biggest hate, a long sigh of relief, said with a smile: "It doesn't matter to me, but it's the one chasing the wind for thousands of miles that has been hurt by my palm. Even if he doesn't die, he has to take off a layer of skin. That's really enough for him to suffer." Lin Huizhu jumped up and stretched her hands and feet for a while, feeling that not only was there no pain at all, but that the True Qi was more fluent than before, and said: "I'm going to wash the wound and change my clothes. You should also rest for a while and try to see if there are any obstacles to your internal organs. Deng Wuji is a master of a school,plastic pallet suppliers, and his skill is naturally extraordinary. Don't be careless and leave invisible internal injuries. That's the injustice!" With that, he waved his hand to Qin Yu with a smile and went to look for her horse to change clothes. Qin Yu sat on the ground, staring at the shadow of Lin Huizhu Pinting, thinking about the ups and downs in her heart, forgetting to meditate, and has been thinking about how to find out her fate from the side, and the origin of the scars on her eyelids. Strangely, since he uncovered her veil and saw the ugliness on the left side, not only did he not hate her ugliness, on the contrary, There was a kind of inexplicable sympathy, he always felt that God was too unfair, why should she leave this ugly mark on her beautiful face? Appearance, in the girl's family selfishness, sometimes more important than life, plastic pallet manufacturer ,ibc spill pallet, but she, but in the white jade like snow skin, left. Alas! This is indeed a cruel world. He gritted his teeth slowly and punched the ground, saying softly, but forcefully, "Kill!"! Kill! Kill!.. On this day, Lin Huizhu became much more cheerful, except that the black veil on her face had not been untied, but she was already able to laugh and laugh, not as raw as before. The two of them hunted some wild things, and Lin Huizhu made a fire to roast them and eat them. They talked and talked, and they were not lonely. Lin Huizhu's skill in making food was very good. Whether it was mountain deer, musk deer, hare or wild boar, in her hands, she did not need any seasoning. Will be able to rectify the fragrant and crisp food, eat Qin Yu happy, full of praise, asked with a smile: "Miss Lin, where did you learn to cook like this?"? With two hands, to make such a color, fragrance and taste of three things, to be honest, I really eat for the first time in my life.
” Lin Huizhu sat on the grass five or six feet away from him, watching Qin Yu eat, but he did not eat, Wen Yan also chuckled and answered: "Well, don't praise me. If you praise me too high, you'll fall harder. But as long as you like it, you may have a chance in the future until you're tired of it." Qin Yu said: "Why do you only see me eat alone and refuse to eat a mouthful yourself?"? Come on, don't be sorry for such a beautiful thing. Can I give you a free leg? Lin Huizhu shook her head and said: "Take care of yourself. I don't want it. For one thing, I'm not hungry yet. Besides, when I was in Laoshan, I made and ate this kind of thing every day, and I was tired of it." Qin Yu moved in his heart and asked: "Ah!"! Did you learn martial arts in Laoshan? Then, your teacher must be an outstanding and sainted senior in the martial arts world! Which one is it? Lin Huizhu laughed. "Little fellow, don't beat around the Bush to find out where I come from. In fact, if you don't tell me, why don't I understand?"? You must want to know why I came to Mount Tai alone as a woman? Why have you been covering your face with a piece of gauze, haven't you? Qin Yu was her one word hit the nail on the head of the organ, but some shyly, laughed: "Girl, you're absolutely right. We met by chance, and you saved my life from the barren mountain. Can it be said that you don't even want me to see your true face?"? Then you're too.. Lin Huizhu carried it and said: It's too impersonal, isn't it? Didn't I tell you earlier that life is uncertain. Now let's sit here and eat and talk together. Maybe by this time tomorrow, you'll already be here and there. No one can predict whether we'll see each other in the future. Why do we have to recognize each other so clearly, ask so carefully, and leave our worries for the future? I have a strange temper. Ordinary people can't even say a word. It's strange that I can get along with you for such a long time. You may think it's short,plastic bulk containers, but I think it's very long. Don't ask too much. Now we have the same interests. Although our purposes are different, we have the same purpose to deal with the thieves in Qingyuan Temple. When this problem is solved, you can find your Meier and I'll go back to my Eshan. There would be nothing more to inquire about. Qin Yu was speechless for a moment by her big theory. She was stunned for a while and then said with a wry smile:. 
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