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Biographie "Mom, Hee Hee, I'm all right," Shen Xuan smiled after turning into a human form, her eyes full of relaxation and indifference, as if the white tiger in the thrilling scene just now was not her, "Mom, why are you here?" Shen Xuan heart secretly shocked, just now this fairy broadsword power but she really felt, but did not expect to be so easily broken by the book Xuanzi, this book Xuanzi in the end is what strength of the character? She was also a little confused. "You child, didn't I tell you not to come to fight? If I didn't come, you wouldn't be killed. Really, how dare you?"? Hmm? You're pissing me off, I.. When Shen Fangtong saw that Shen Xuan was safe and sound, he began to teach her a lesson. The white tiger was also shrewd. When he changed his human form, he changed almost the same as Shen Fangtong. This made Shen Fangtong think that Shen Xuan was his daughter. This maternal human feeling was the strongest of all human feelings. Naturally, it was brought into full play by Shen Fang Tong. Shen Xuan was in Shen Fangtong's arms and curled her mouth carelessly. It didn't matter at all. If the book Xuanzi didn't come just now, she could run away with her own strength. So she didn't worry. The arrival of the book Xuanzi made her fight a big fight and gave her a sulk. This kind of struggle made Shen Xuan feel comfortable all over. If she didn't fight to the death, it would make the beast uncomfortable and suffocating. Shen Fangtong did not know much about the fierce white tiger at all, because this fierce beast had always been cheating around him in the image of a cat. You. Who are you? This Xuanxian hand is a little trembling, afraid to ask a sentence, can break off their own fairy, he is no match for this man,14 tube fitting, the right hand quietly stretched out behind his back, two fingers in the food turned a piece of amulet was ignited, but do not want the right hand pain up, a hard hand hurriedly threw the amulet down. As soon as Shuxuanzi made a move, the charms that had fallen down and were burning out were miraculously restored to their original appearance. 'What's The matter? Do you want to call someone? Ha ha, it's too late, I won't let you report it. "Shuxuanzi smiled and looked at the amulet in his hand. As soon as he blew the amulet with his mouth, it became broken and scattered in the air." I, like you,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, have public office in heaven. I'm General Gangfeng Zuo of the Red Calendar Banner. "Shuxuanzi introduced himself." Chi Tian Li Qi Gang Feng Zuo General? Nope.
Impossible ", this Xuanxian is eyeful of not believe, just a left general is impossible to have this kind of strength, the book Xuanzi this kind of strength let alone left general, is when the heaven of Tianzun are bent," since you have a bounden duty in heaven should know the consequences of the heaven of the immortal down to earth without authorization ", this Xuanxian at this time has been thinking about how to retreat today. "Consequences?"? Ha ha, I have already considered the consequences, as my daughter said just now, you stay in the world and don't go back to the fairy world, so no one knows that I came down to earth, "said Xuanzi indifferently, this Xuanxian heard Xuanzi's words and felt a chill in his heart, knowing that Xuanzi was not joking." "If I disappear, heaven will find me sooner or later, and you'd better think it over," this Xuanxian still retains the last glimmer of hope. "Well, ball valve manufacturer ,needle valve manufacturer, yes, I know that, but I seem to remember that the time in heaven is not quite the same as in this mortal world, right?"? Ha ha, when they find you, I think the human world of the earth has been thousands of years later, I am not sure I will stay in the human world of the earth for so long, you don't want to run away. "Shuxuanzi stretched out his hand and a five-color net flashed out, getting smaller and smaller, and finally turned into a palm-sized net and fell into his own hands." This is a colorful silk screen, not bad. You can still get this level of fairy, so you think Bai Luan Xing Jun? "Bailuan Xingjun?" Shen Fangtong heard such a name obviously some curiosity, muttered a sentence, but next to the daughter Shen Xuan explained in her ear, "I saw this hundred Luan Xingjun once twenty thousand years ago, although his strength is only under the big Luo Jinxian, but he has a particularly powerful magic weapon, I heard that the magic weapon can cover the sky and cover the sun, very powerful." It is because of that magic weapon that Bailuan Xingjun is very overbearing. No one dares to mess with him in the fairy world. There are 90 million square meters, but there are not many disciples. Last time I saw Bailuan Xingjun, he used that powerful magic weapon to catch more than 300 ghost birds. That day, the ghost birds not only have extraordinary strength, but also are born with the body of ghosts. It is very difficult for ordinary immortals to catch one. That hundred Luan star gentleman is a time can catch hundreds of, my clan of several fierce predecessors were caught by the hundred Luan star gentleman to kill ", Shen Xuan's words let Shen Fangtong a surprised, frowned at her daughter, this Shen Xuan is a fierce beast white tiger, her strength is so powerful now, then her clan of predecessors is not more powerful? Still can't beat that Bailuan Xingjun, so you can see that he is a fierce guy. Are there many people in your clan? Are you afraid to take revenge? Shen Fangtong asked doubtfully, but thought, this daughter is a tiger, you should ask a lot of tigers in your clan. "Mom, the fairy world and the human world are completely different, no grudges, high strength, high cultivation is the witness, and the higher the cultivation, the weaker the emotion, not like the human world, relatives died to revenge, fate law cultivation depends entirely on themselves, do not rely on others, the human world is because there are too many emotions and desires to sink into the sea of suffering." This time I was also asked to come to the human world on earth to inquire about the news, but I didn't expect to be caught by my father. Later, when you get to the fairy world, you will understand that the fairy world is completely different from the human world. "Shen Xuan explained in a low voice. Shen Fangtong seemed to understand and nodded. She also heard Xuanzi say that the fairy world is different from the human world, but she didn't touch it at all. So I can't understand the life in the fairy world. Over there Shen Xuan is explaining to Shen Fangtong some things in the fairy world, here the book Xuanzi touched from the ring for a long time suddenly also took out a net, just now this Xuanxian threw out the color Luan silk screen is five colors, and the book Xuanzi took out this net but at least a hundred kinds of eyes, perhaps ordinary people's eyes can not distinguish so many eyes, but the people around are almost not ordinary people. Only Shen Fangtong could not see the weirdness of the net,14 needle valve, which was shining in Shen Xuan's eyes, Shen Xuan's eyes were bright, and there was some uncertainty in her heart. 
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