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Biographie Sheng Ziyu thought it was strange that she had seen the military region guest house here when she sent Lin Ranran that day. The conditions were not bad. Although it was not as good as a five-star hotel, it seemed that there was a three-star standard. The school's funds even required two people to live in a fast hotel. Wouldn't it be out of her mind to put the guest house here instead of living in a fast hotel? Besides, she had planned that if everyone lived in the hostel, she would not be noticeable if she took the fat bug to Huo Zheng's house at night! When Secretary Huang left, she raised her own question: "It's good to live in a hostel here!"! Why go to the county? The conditions are not as good as here, and you have to run around. It's a lot of trouble! The deputy station director smiled and said, "Who says it's not as good as living here?"? Little Ningning pays for everyone to stay in a four-star hotel in the county! And we have a bus, and it's only twenty minutes from the county! Sheng Ziyu was suddenly enlightened: It was Ning Yi who got in the way! She was really angry this time! This guy has money and no place to spend it, so he just uses it to do bad things? She stormed out of the door and found Ning Yi at the end of the corridor as she wished. Ning Yi had just finished a phone call, and before he could put his cell phone in his pocket, he saw Sheng Ziyu running toward him in a puffer fish. He couldn't help laughing: "What for?"? Did I recruit you again? Sheng Ziyu punched him heavily and said angrily, "Why don't you let me live in the hostel?"? Ning Yi, are you sick? Psychological darkness! "" Ning Yi shrugged his shoulders and looked innocent. "Who won't let you live?"? You live here. Sheng Ziyu was almost furious: "Oh!"! You're all going to live in a four-star hotel, so can I stay in a hostel alone? Ning Yi continued to look innocent: "So I want to improve the accommodation conditions for my classmates?" Seeing him quibble like this, Sheng Ziyu was so angry that he punched him heavily and then turned around and walked away. But in any case,die cast light housing, Ning Yi did not want to let their family of three reunion plot or succeed. At five o'clock in the afternoon, on the bus back to the county, Sheng Ziyu's cell phone vibrated twice. It was a text message from Huo Zheng- "You didn't live in a hostel?" Sheng Ziyu thought about it and replied, "The school has arranged another hotel.". You come to me and Pangpang at night! This time, after a while, the other side replied,metal stamping parts, "You eat first, and I'm still in a meeting here.". Send me the name of the hotel, and I'll find you when it's over. The bus took them to the hotel, but there was a problem. The original room is enough, but Sheng Ziyu took the bug is something out of the plan, she was assigned to a room with Yao Peipei, but if the fat bug is added, three people living is bound to be a little crowded. And Sheng Ziyu's sleeping appearance is very bad, if she and the fat bug bug share a single bed, she is very worried about squashing the round fat son. Sheng Ziyu originally wanted to open another room out of his own pocket, but the front desk lady said there was no extra room. Worried, alloy die casting ,DIN screw plug, Ning Yi took the fat bug away from her arms and said, "Bug will stay with me tonight." The number of boys on the other side is just odd, and Ning Yi has a room for one person. The fat insect immediately beamed and hugged Uncle Ning's neck tightly. "Shall we play Xiaoxiaole together in the evening?" He said jubilantly. Sheng Ziyu rolled his eyes and looked at Ning Yi again. "Are you sure you want to sleep with him?" Ning Yi patted the buttocks of the fat bug in his arms and answered silently. Since someone volunteered to help him take care of his son, and this person had taken good care of him before, Sheng Ziyu was relieved to give him the fat bug. She had just helped the fat bug take a bath in her room, changed him into pajamas and sent him to Ning Yi's room. After a whole day of friendly coexistence, Fat Bug has now forgotten his old father, only thinking about Uncle Ning's night alone. He waved to Sheng Ziyu very happily, as if he couldn't wait to drive his old mother away. "See you tomorrow, Mom!" "No conscience." Sheng Ziyu muttered and then said to Ning Yi, "He has brushed his teeth. Don't give him any more food." Then she turned around and walked away, Ning Yi in the back "hey" a few times, she did not look back.
Back to his room, Sheng Ziyu lay on the bed and turned on his cell phone. It was almost nine o'clock. Huo Zheng hadn't called her yet, probably because he was still in a meeting. With a deep sigh, she rolled around the bed twice more, and her mobile phone suddenly "buzzed" twice. Sheng Ziyu suddenly stopped rolling and picked up his cell phone. But unfortunately, it was not Huo Zheng who sent the message, but Ning Yi. Sheng Ziyu, lacking in interest, clicked on the message sent by Ning Yi, a photo, and then attached a sentence- "I said it was strange to look at him today, so it was like this." When she clicked on the photo, it turned out that after a whole day's exposure to the wind and rain, the fat bug's false eyebrows had raised a corner and were floating leisurely. Sheng Ziyu finally suddenly reacted. She forgot to remove his eyebrows when she bathed the fat bug just now! Sheng Ziyu immediately got up, took his makeup remover, and rushed to Ning Yi's room. When she entered the room, the fat bug was lying on the bed with his feet up and playing Xiaoxiaole with great interest. Hearing that his mother wanted to remove his eyebrows, the fat guy immediately threw down the tablet in his hand and cried out of breath. He opened his mouth and howled: "The fat head fish wants to steal my eyebrows again!" Sheng Ziyu stood at the door of the bathroom. You come here. The fat bug was still crying loudly, but in the end he dared not disobey. He climbed out of bed barefoot and walked towards his mother. When the fat bug approached, Sheng Ziyu grabbed him and slipped him into the bathroom. While wiping his face with a wet paper towel, he said angrily, "You burned your eyebrows yourself and said I stole your eyebrows!"! Who wants to steal your eyebrows? After a pause, her voice softened again. "Well,socket screw plug, give your eyebrows a rest. Mom will stick them on for you tomorrow morning." Ning Yi leaned against the door of the bathroom and laughed. "How did his eyebrows burn off?" Before Sheng Ziyu could answer, the fat bug was the first to defend himself: "I wanted to light a birthday candle for my father, so I accidentally burned my eyebrows!" 。 
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