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Biographie Compared with others, Qiyang is the calmest one. However, people who know him well can see that he is not calm at all now. Because he didn't lie down to listen to music or sleep as usual, on the contrary, he sat upright in his seat and even looked at the blackboard. But if you look carefully, you can see that his eyes are drifting, and he is not looking at the blackboard. There seemed to be a surge of complex emotions in the depths of his eyes, and his face looked a little tense. The familiar and seductive smell was still floating in the air, surrounding him as if nothing had happened. He was almost certain that the breath came from the girl beside him. And his former deskmate, Fu Rou's taste is exactly the same. He didn't want to admit it at all, and at the moment she said she was Fu Rou, he almost had a feeling in his heart that he almost believed it. But in fact, he didn't believe it at all. From the day I met her in the hospital, Qiyang tried to find out her identity, but there was no result, and when I went to look for her again, I couldn't find her. I thought it was hard to see her again, but I didn't think she came to Ronghua, and also came to his class and sat beside him. For him, it was a surprise from the sky,Nail machine supplier, and in the short time just now, he thought of many ways to chase her. She was the first girl he fell in love with at first sight. He thinks that he always takes his feelings seriously. Once he falls in love with a person, he will treat her wholeheartedly and make her happy without any grievance. But she actually said she was Fu Rou? Are you kidding me! If she is really Fu Rou, then what is it before?! His face became more and more ugly. My Lord, Qi Yang's preference for you has begun to fluctuate. Let me report it in real time. "So far it's seventy-five, sixty-five, fifty, forty,Automatic nail machine, thirty, sixty, seventy.." said Li Sheng in a cheerful voice. Ye Xi covered his lips and coughed. She had been sitting there quietly, like a doll, without a sound, and the whole class took turns to turn their eyes around her, and the cough startled many people. Especially Qi Yang, all of a sudden the hand clenched into a fist, he looked at the girl beside him, and quickly withdrew his eyes. The whole person seemed to be frozen into a stone. …… It's fixed at seventy again. Li Sheng smacked his tongue and said, "It is estimated that this boy will soon be tortured into madness." Ye Xi said lightly, "If I don't torture him, why should I waste my time sitting here?" As soon as the bell rang, the head teacher wanted to come over to find Fu Rou, Nail machine supplier ,Nail machine manufacturer, but hesitated for a moment and went out first. As soon as he left, Qiyang stood up with a bang. Everybody out of class. He said word by word. With a cry, Liu asked with trepidation, "Brother Yang, what do you want to do?" . "It's none of your business." Qi Yang pointed at him and snapped, "Why don't you get out?" Everyone knows that Qiyang has a bad temper, but in fact he seldom loses his temper. Generally, he just frowns and looks ugly, which scares people away. When he loses his temper, Liu, together with the first one, almost pees and rolls out. As soon as he left, other people followed him out one after another, and a few spectators were pulled away. Let's go. You didn't look at Qi Yang's face. You're scared to death. "It was really scary. I almost thought he would blow Liu's head off." Liu, together with him, touched his head. What does he want? "What else can I do? It must be to find out that he said he was Fu Rou." Is it Fu Rou or not? . A group of people gathered around and looked at each other. After a while, someone asked with trepidation, "Is this true?" "If she's really Fu Rou." So we were blind before? Everyone else was silent. In the classroom, Qi Yang looked sullenly at the girl still sitting there. She hung her head, her long hair fell behind her, her face was pale, and even the color of her lips was pale pink. Her slim body was wrapped in a slim uniform, and the whole person looked like a kind of tender breath that made people feel pity. These days, he thought of her countless times. It was just a face-to-face encounter in the hospital, and he couldn't get out of it.
But she said she was Fu Rou? Are you kidding me! With a thud, a hand slammed on the table in front of her. Her body trembled slightly and she finally raised her head. He bent over, his body of 1.8 meters almost enveloped above her, and even his eyes showed a strong sense of oppression. Come on, you tell me again now. He stared into her eyes, but his voice was soft when he opened his mouth. "Who are you?" Lu Yanchen hurried to the direction of the second year of high school after class. From the moment Fu Rou appeared in the school, the whole school had never stopped talking about her, as long as he thought of what she would encounter when she returned to that class, his heart was pulled into a ball. Just walked to the door of a class, just met Xia Wei, Xia Wei saw him on the eyes bright. The girl beside her smiled and said, "Xia Wei, the president is looking for you." Many people know that Xia Wei is secretly in love with Lu Yanchen, two people have been regarded as a well-matched pair, so Lu Yanchen came to the side of Gao Yi, it is inevitable that people will not think that they are looking for Xia Wei. . Xia Wei walked over generously and said with a sweet smile, "President, what are you looking for me for?" Lu Yanchen did not stop, but nodded faintly to her and walked past her. Xia Wei's smile froze on her face. Wait a minute, President. Lu Yanchen stopped. "What's the matter?" Xia Wei bit her lip. "Everyone is talking about the transfer student today." Lu Yanchen's eyes darkened. In the whole school, none of them recognized her. He suddenly remembered that from the moment she entered the school, she had been ostracized and isolated,nail manufacturing machine, and even if she had been bullied, no one had stood on her side to protect her. He still remembers that when she sprained her ankle and limped home from school, he asked the driver to stop the car and asked where her home was and wanted to give her a ride. 
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