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Biographie Tao ran did not know what he Wan was thinking, and he never paid much attention to people other than vicious women. Even though the woman didn't like the man this time, he didn't pay much attention to it. As Xiaomei said, he only needs to be responsible for Rose. It's none of his business as for other people. It's better not to invest too much in the fictional characters in the novel. When he returned to Penglai, he appeared to be meditating and healing as before, but in fact he was just in a daze. He can't do anything to hurt himself, that is to say, he can't commit suicide, so the only way he wants to leave early is to let the wound continue to deteriorate without healing, so that he can't hurt himself. She Wan looked at the master's condition getting worse and worse day by day, and she was very anxious, but she had no way. I only thought that Shifu fought against the Demon Emperor for his own sake and was finally attacked. It was all because of his own reasons that Shifu became like this. Big Brother of Hehuanzong ⑩ The Headmaster often came to deliver medicine to Tao Ran. He Wan stared at the Headmaster outside the bamboo grove. When the Headmaster came out and saw her, he knew she had something to say: "What does Martial Nephew He want to say?" He Wan glanced at the bamboo grove and whispered, "How is Master's wound?"? Why do I feel more and more serious? "Alas," said the Headmaster with a sigh, "I'm afraid I'll die on the spot if I put the full force of Wan Hun Fan on you. Younger Martial Brother, it's better for him to be able to hold out until now." Hewan's tears flowed down on the spot. She pressed her voice and said, "Is there really no way?" The Headmaster shook his head and sighed, "The things in the legend of Fusang ancient trees are nowhere to be found." Watching the master go,Small Geared Motors, he Wan wiped away her tears and went into the bamboo forest. Master was leaning back in her chair and reading a book. She always felt that she had become more gentle recently. Could it be that she had changed because she knew that her time was coming? Although she liked such a gentle master, she would rather have the same cold master as before, at least he was healthy, and he would not suddenly die one day. Feeling Hewan's eyes, Tao ran turned his head and said, "What's the matter?" "Master, some brothers have invited me to explore the secret land with them. The disciples have come to tell Master." "Well, you go." Tao Ran turned over a page of the book and said,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, "Remember to take the amulet that your teacher gave you." "Mmm." He Wan promised. Before he left, he suddenly said, "Master, you must take good care of yourself when the disciple is not here." This is what he Wan would never have said before, but Tao ran is not the former Xuanqing, and did not feel anything wrong. He smiled shallowly and said, "Good." He Wan turned his head and flew out of Penglai alone on the sea. She cried because she had lied to the master. She was not going to explore the secret land with the brothers. She was going to look for the rose in the Southern Wilderness Hehuan Sect. Without hibiscus wood, the elixir does not work, so there is only hope for the powerful double repair of the Hehuan Sect. Had it not been for Master's dangerous condition, she would never have gone to the Hehuan Sect to look for Rose. She liked master so much, how could she be willing to give her to someone else? It's just that she doesn't know the art of double cultivation, and her cultivation is really shallow. Even if the master is willing to double cultivate with her, her cultivation can't help the master, Vending Machine Motor ,Micro Gear Motor, so she can only go to the Hehuan Sect to find Rose. In Nanhuang, the more advanced the clan is, the deeper it is in Nanhuang. Hehuan Sect is the top of the second-rate sects, plus the special sects, the location is no worse than the first-class sects. He Wan came to Nanhuang alone and looked around at a loss. The last time she came to Nanhuang, she was brought in by the Demon Emperor. In a breath, she arrived at Nanhuang Demon Palace. She didn't see anything at all. Walking in the shadowless shuttle, the speed is also very fast, plus the desire to return like an arrow, there is no mind to see the southern wilderness. So this time, she is the first time to enter the southern wilderness. She probably knew the location of Hehuanzong, but she had no idea what she would experience halfway. He Wan took the map of the southern wilderness of Penglai, which had been there for some years, and there was no indication on the map of what had changed in the southern wilderness during this period. She did not dare to fly the sword in the sky, so the target was too big, she could only run on the ground with the magic spell. It would take at least six or seven days to get to the Hehuan Sect in this way. He Wan thought happily. Fortunately, the Demon Emperor had been killed by his master, otherwise he would not dare to come to the Southern Wilderness.
Rose did not know that Hewan was on her way to find herself, and the anger in her heart did not dissipate after she left Tao Ran last time. He went all the way to Shuangxiu, but when he put on his pants, he turned against him and said that the demons could not be together. After all, it's not because he doesn't want to be with himself. His magnificent Xuanqing Jianzun can kill the Demon Emperor, but he doesn't do things as readily as the Demon Emperor. If he snatches himself back to Penglai like the Demon Emperor snatching Hewan, who dares to say no? Dead Taoist, smelly Taoist, a bad Taoist with a thousand knives! Rose back to Hehuan Zong, others can not see her change, the master is to see clearly. Dressed in a gorgeous dress, the head of the Hehuan Sect came over and touched Rose's hair and said, "Oh, our Rose is finally enlightened and knows how to find a man." "Don't touch me," said Rose, frowning. "Well, well, I won't touch you." "Then you have to tell me what kind of man has made the elder Rose, who has been a virgin for a hundred years, interested?" "There's nothing to ask," said Rose with a black face. "It's just a heartless and unrighteous Taoist priest." The Headmaster felt something and looked meaningfully at the Rose and said, "The heartless and unrighteous smelly Taoist priest is also worthy of your special attention."? You haven't been taken advantage of by some righteous Taoist priest, have you? Looking back on the situation at that time, it was obvious that he had taken advantage of others. Inexplicably, Rose was somewhat entangled and said, "What's the matter?"? Don't you guess? "If you don't want me to guess, just make it clear." Headmaster's heart is like being scratched by a pair of hooking hands. "If you don't say,24v Gear Motor, I can't help guessing. If I guess, I can't help saying everywhere.". You know me, and I'm not sure what I'll be told. “……” Rose turned her head indignantly. "Are you threatening me?" 。 
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