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Biographie Xia Yi was looking at her intently, and when he heard the voice, he was suddenly stunned and finally realized that it was not a dream. Wake up from a dream, some young master inexplicably blushed: "How can you be here again?" The cloud cicada was so anxious that he wanted to beat people. Why are you coy at such a time! There's an ambush around. Can't you feel it! She did not care to explain for a moment, only anxious to reach out and push him: "You go quickly." Xia Yi grabbed her hand without knowing why. "Little cicada?" Before the cloud cicada could reply, several sword lights rolled up to them from all directions like a white rainbow. Xia Yi looked so cool that he quickly hugged her and jumped to the top of the boulder, looking down at the people who suddenly appeared around him. The cloud cicada also looked nervously in the past, but when she saw a few people below, the nervousness in her heart soon turned into doubt. Something's wrong. Each faction wants to ambush Xia Yi, how can only arrange these few people? And none of these are masters, and they are clearly just ordinary disciples of Feiyun Castle. She glanced around quickly. Mom and Dad, Lou, Shen Yao, Zhao Gang Leader, Li Headmaster, Jiang Tang Leader, none of them are really here! At the same time, several disciples at the bottom were also staring at the cloud cicada in Xia Yi's hand, all of them were so nervous that they were sweating on their foreheads. How did this happen. The castle owner clearly said that the devil could not appear here tonight,interactive panel board, everything was just a play by the young lady, they were just sent to protect the young lady's safety, and the real masters of the castle and other factions are now I went to follow the girl Jiyue. I didn't know the devil was really here! It seems that the castle owner wronged the young lady. What to do? How can we save the young lady with only a few of them at the moment! A disciple raised his sword tremblingly and finally stammered: "Demon Demon Demon Head, quickly release Miss Yun." The devil? Standing on the huge stone, Xia Yi narrowed his eyes with displeasure, turned over his wrist, and the sword was unsheathed. The man who dares to draw his sword against him is better dead. The hot sword gas is overwhelming. Having seen the devil's martial arts at the wedding banquet,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, the disciples of Feiyun Castle immediately turned pale with fear and forgot to resist. Cloud cicada hurriedly shouted: "Don't kill them!" The long sword stopped in time, and Xia Yi was depressed for a moment, so he had to reach out and knock them out instead. Several people jumped down, and all the people in the way finally fell to the ground. Then he turned around and asked the cloud cicada, "Little cicada, what's going on?" But the cicada squatted down with her head in her arms. "I don't know either." There shouldn't have been so few people to ambush, and she couldn't figure out what had gone wrong. Xia Yi walked back to her and looked at her shrinking into a ball. He could not help reaching out and hugging her and calling softly, "Little cicada, I, I.." Train of thought is interrupted, cloud cicada looks up: "Eh?" On that day, Huatang's identity was revealed. From then on, good and evil were irreconcilable. Originally, he thought that they would not see each other again in a short period of time. He was ready to endure for a period of time, 65 inch touch screen ,smart board touch screen, but he did not expect that she would be here here. I miss you very much. Xia Yi rose red face, but the words to the mouth is unable to say. Alas, our Villa Leader Xia is actually very shy. As soon as the cloud cicada saw his blushing appearance, she shook her mind. After a while, she couldn't help laughing. Xia Yi was annoyed. "What are you laughing at?" It's nothing. I just thought that you were so nervous that you couldn't even hold the red rope on the Rihua Hall. The cloud cicada looked at his tangled look and snickered without answering. After laughing for a long time, she took his hand and said, "Let's come to worship heaven and earth." Xia Yi was stupefied: "What?" Cloud cicada is also thin-skinned, immediately blushed: "That day, we did not worship heaven and earth..." The man was interrupted. Xia Yi was silent for a moment and then asked slowly, "Little cicada, would you still like to be with me now?" Willing. No matter how much time they have left, she is willing. Trying to suppress the bitterness in her heart, the cloud cicada held Xia Yi tightly with one hand and raised her four fingers to the sky with the other hand. Then she said seriously, "As evidenced by the bright moon, I, cloud cicada, am here today to marry Xia Yi.". This feeling this oath, to the old not to reduce, to Dead and unchanged. May God bless us not to be separated.
” Heaven and earth are quiet down, but can not hear the response of Xia Yi, cloud cicada can not help but blush and turn to urge him: "It's your turn.." You, you, you, why are you staring at me? Look at the moon. Don't laugh. Xia Yi just looked at her and smiled. The peach blossoms in the corner of his eyebrows were brightly raised, as if there was brilliance overflowing in his eyes. The cloud cicada has never seen a more beautiful smile than this in her life, and she can't help being a little crazy. And he slowly raised his hand, with infinite piety, infinite attachment: "The moon is proof that I am here today to marry a small cicada.". In this life, in all eternity, no one can separate us. The moonlight came down like a silver mist, as if in response to their request. In this life, forever and ever. The cloud cicada finally looked away and said, "Are we finished worshipping like this?" Not noticing some bitterness in her voice, Xia Yi pressed her into her arms: "I don't know." "It's probably all right." The cloud cicada buried his face in his chest and was in a trance. "How long can you live?" The topic shifts too quickly, immerses in the sweet summer meaning to separate for a long time only then to react comes over, the low voice comforts: "The small cicada, you do not think these..." "Can't you think of another way?" Cloud cicada interrupted him, once again raised his eyes with a bit of hope, "I heard that there is also a very powerful doctor in the Valley of Floating Life." Xia Yi was silent for a long time, and finally avoided her eyes: "My father has tried all the ways he can think of, and even your master had no way.." At the mention of Shigong, Xia Yi suddenly stopped speaking cautiously. The cloud cicada also silenced down, only felt in the heart more bitter. After thinking about it for a long time,interactive whiteboard for schools, she said sullenly, "Today … …" I wanted to help you cheat the next volume of the Infinite Decision, but it seems that everyone has seen through it. She sniffed discontentedly. "Now the one in Jiyue's hand must be fake." 。 
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