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Biographie Garlic nose can still hold breath at first, but after a long time, it is a little bad, and a string of tiny bubbles come up from the nose. Bubbles are getting bigger and bigger, after a note of incense asked, garlic nose in the end can not hold back, a head rushed up. The little pockmark lay on the bottom of the water and did not move any more. The beggars did not believe this fact. Time goes by bit by bit, and I don't know how long it has been, but the little pockmark is still motionless. "Is the pockmark dead?" The first one exclaimed. As soon as he called, all the beggars panicked. The little princess was the first to jump into the water, and Garlic Nose and others stopped and jumped like dumplings. As soon as the little princess felt the little pockmark's breath, it was gone, and when she touched her heart again, it stopped beating. She could not help feeling very sad, and tears rippled in her eyes. "It's my fault, little princess," said Garlic Nose. The other beggars also shed tears when they saw that the lovely little pockmark had died. Garlic nose is pointing to flapping ear suddenly, drink a way: "It is the bad idea that you give, this is good, small pockmark died, are you happy?" "Don't I want you to win?" He said? Who knows. He could not help howling and crying. Suddenly, a beggar cried, "How can I hear snoring?" The little princess smiled through her tears and said,silk ficus tree, "So he's asleep." A beggar who was sitting beside the little pockmark cheered and said, "The little pockmark is not dead!"! He's still snoring. As soon as the beggars heard this, as expected, the little pockmark's snoring became louder and louder, and later the sound was like thunder. All the beggars cheered in unison. The little pockmark suddenly opened his eyes and said with a smile, "I wanted to sleep at the bottom of the water for three days and three nights. Why did you bring me up, little princess?" When the little princess saw him with a smile on his face, she knew she had been taken in. She kicked him and shouted,faux grass wall, "Damn it, so you're pretending to be dead and cheating our tears." But the little pockmark took advantage of the situation to fly out and landed steadily. "Garlic nose," he said, "who did you say won the game?" "You won, I lost," said Garlic Nose in admiration. "I want to join the Little Beggars' Sect," said Pockmarked Little. "Do you have any other opinions?" "As long as the little princess agrees," said Garlic Nose, "I have no objection." "I don't have an opinion, either!" The others shouted. The little princess looked at the little pockmark with an even stronger smile in her eyes and said, "Now that you have all accepted the little pockmark, what else do I have to say?"? From now on, Pockmarked is one of us. All the beggars cheered in unison. The little pockmark thought to himself, "Although they are strange elves, they all attach great importance to love and righteousness. I just pretended to be dead and cheated them into tears. I am really ashamed." "Xie Xiaogong..." he said happily. A "Lord" did not say, looking at the little princess's eyes suddenly straight. "What's the matter?" Asked the little princess. "You are so beautiful, fake ficus tree ,outdoor palm trees, little princess," said the little pockmark. "You are as beautiful as the princess in the myth. No, the princess in the myth is not as beautiful as you." It turned out that the little princess had just jumped into the water, and the dirt on her face had been washed away a lot, revealing a beautiful face. The skin was like snow jade, and the eyes were big and black. What shocked the little pockmark even more was the chest of the little princess. The little princess's clothes were soaked with water, almost sticking to her body. Although she was not fully developed, her beautiful curve had been initially formed. Her waist was thin, and her breasts were lovely, and her nipples could be seen. The little princess looked down at herself and blushed. With a leap, she ran back to the ruined temple. When the beggars returned to the temple, the little princess had changed her clothes and resumed her dirty appearance. "If you're so beautiful, little princess," said Pockmarked, "why are you dressed up as an ugly ghost?" The little princess smiled and said, "My body is not like a mantis, and my eyes are not like flies." The little pockmark shouted, "Who dares to say again? My little pockmark will be the first to fight with him." The little princess chuckled and said, "Well, when you see me.." She suddenly felt a slip of the tongue and hastily covered her mouth. "Do you mean I didn't react?" Asked the pockmark? Damn, who dares to say that I don't respond, I will. He also felt embarrassed and stopped talking. After all, they are all big children, not sexual predators like Basheng and Fang Ping.
All the beggars admired pockmark's water skill so much that they secretly asked for advice. They took a lot of food and wine and welcomed pockmark to join them. Small pockmark's capacity for liquor is astonishing, drink more liquor, but also do not care, all comers, and take the initiative to attack, several people were drunk down by him. The little princess drank wine and her eyes were bright. I don't know why. He often glanced at pockmarks out of the corner of his eyes. Full of wine and food, the little beggars scattered to rest. "Now that I've joined the Little Beggars' Sect, I have to change my clothes," said Pockmarked Little. In fact, he did not want to change, but surrounded by "little beggars", he stood out from the crowd, a bit out of place, can not help but mention. "We are not called the Little Beggars' Sect," said the little princess. "Aren't you from the Beggars' Sect?" "Well.." Yes, yes. "In that case, what's wrong with calling you the Little Beggars' Sect?" "In fact, we have a mission to come out this time, and our organization is called the'Xunma Group '." The little pockmark opened his eyes wide and said, "Looking for Ma Tuan?"? What do you mean "We are all looking for the descendants of the Miaoshou Ma family," said the little princess. "What on earth are you looking for from the Ma family?" "You don't know?" "I don't know." "Why should I tell you if you don't know?" The little pockmark has no words. "Because you just came in," said the little princess, "you are in a very low position. You boil water and cut firewood. I have no paper when I shit. You have to buy it." The little pockmark couldn't help being silly. "Pockmarked," said Zhaofeng maliciously, "your martial arts may be better than ours, but the theory (99 pages are missing) , Chapter 7 The Horse Outside the Horse Member (99 pages missing) The little pockmark looked at the garlic nose and said, "Did you go, too?" Garlic nose snorted,fake ficus tree, said: "I am the most promising candidate for deputy head, little princess..." "It's time to fight," he shouted. 。 
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