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Biographie If Yizhen refuses to marry, that is, the Zhu family is ungrateful and has no conscience, and will be scolded by all the people in the world. But if Wei Heng refused to marry, it was at most a comment or two, and he could not be blamed. Does Wei Heng want to marry? Yizhen felt uncertain and didn't want to. Although, Pu Chen after the head out of that thing, was considered by the whole capital of the broken sleeve of the good man wind, and therefore no one accused her of shameless. But it is an indisputable fact that she "cuddled" with a man. For women, once there is a stain on their reputation, it is difficult to wash it clean. What's more, Wei Heng seems to have had no interest in this marriage since he was very young. The more the little girl thought about it, the more sad she felt. The more she thought about it, the more pitiful she felt. In the end, she almost grabbed the parrot's hair and cried. What if Wei Heng really doesn't want to marry her? Where is she going to find a good fiance with so much money who treats money like dirt and lets her go around having fun? ...... Yizhen is a person who has read many scripts. She looked at all the people with lofty sentiments in Jianghu, those with love between children, those with complaints in the boudoir, and those who were foxy and charming. Not only their own search, but also from Wei Heng there to plunder a lot. So when she was 18 years old, she knew Xu Liuniang who eloped with Wang Sheng, Du Baishuang, a commoner woman who flew to the branches to marry a prince and concubine, and what the fantasy of love was like among the scholars and scholars in the world. Qingqingzi, leisurely my heart. Even if I don't go,Inflatable meltdown, the son would rather not hear? This is also written in the Book of Songs. But think, what kind of thought is this? How do you know if you are in love with a gentleman? Yizhen doesn't quite understand. She was not without a handkerchief. When her mother was still in the capital, she often took her out to dinner. She also had several close friends. Unfortunately, these handkerchiefs were either older than her, and now they were out of the cabinet, or they had gone to other places with their father and brother. No one could talk to her about how she felt. Therefore, after waiting for a full five days without receiving a reply, Yizhen was determined to concentrate on her career. This is also what Wei Heng taught her. At that time,inflatable amusement park, Xiao Yizhen was still a cub who could not hide his words, his parents who were always worried about disputes all day long, his elder sister who was fighting with his second sister, and Zhu Fu who acted more and more radically. Wei Heng said to her, around you said that people do not listen to the ears, you might as well concentrate on their own career. Xiao Yizhen asked him curiously, what is my career. Brother Wei Heng told her to save more money. So if one day, parents and divorce, sisters fell out, Zhu Fu was exiled. She can still support herself, not like the Western dog she raised when she was three or four years old, which seems to be spoiled, but in fact, life and death are decided by others. Yizhen felt that this was very reasonable. So all these years, she has been thinking about saving something, and then try every means to hide outside the house, lest the whole Zhu House be sealed up, inflatable amusement park ,Inflatable indoor park, and they don't even have the money to turn around. Over the years, I have saved a lot. But this time Wei Heng did not reply to her letter, so she simply blocked her breath and stopped writing to him. Holding a pile of ancient books and picture albums in his study, he carefully described the frontier areas. She wished that Yizhen was not an ungrateful and heartless person. Even if she broke up in the future and promised Wei Heng to draw a map of the territory, she would still draw it for him carefully. ...... . The first month of the lunar year passed very quickly, and by the time Yizhen finally finished mapping the territory, it was already early February. She still hasn't received a reply from Wei Heng. There are three or two peach blossoms outside the bamboo, and the spring river water warms the duck prophet. Artemisia selengensis is all over the ground and the reed buds are short, which is the time when the puffer fish is about to go up. In the early spring season, the climate has warmed up, the maids in the house have changed into spring shirts, green and light, looking from afar, fresh and tender like new bamboo shoots just emerging after the rain. On this day, my cousin Qi Xiayun came to Chunju to invite the five girls to go out for a stroll together. She said that next month was her cousin's birthday, and her birthday ceremony was not yet ready, so she wanted to go to the street to have a look. The good things in the capital must always be fresher than those in Qingyuan Mansion. Yi Zhen lived in the courtyard for a long time, never leaving home, but also wanted to take advantage of the good weather to go out for a walk, the other side so mentioned, she also readily agreed. When they left the mansion, it happened to be between Tatsumi.
Perhaps today's weather is really good, the street in addition to the open shop, there are many small stalls. A dazzling array of beautiful things, lively, let a person see the mood can not help but relax up. In fact, Yizhen seldom made an appointment with the handkerchiefs to go out of the house. Her preferences are somewhat different from those of girls of the same age, so she can't go shopping together, so she might as well write a post about playing in their respective houses. Fortunately, today with Qi Xiayun together on the street, this is to pass the time, she is ready to spend a day in the jewelry building. But unexpectedly, as soon as the young lady left the house, she went straight to the bookshop. Yeah. Oh. To give my cousin's birthday gift, it seems that it is not suitable to go to the jewelry building. They picked up the four treasures of the study in the bookshop all morning, and Yizhen also picked up several books of travel poetry. In fact, she wanted to take the script, but because Qi Xiayun was on the side, she could not make a big move directly, only wrote down the title of the book, so that she could come out and buy it later. But also do not know Qi Xiayun is to show close to her, or the heart is really so big, unexpectedly in front of Yizhen, picked up a "Spring Hailin" into the book box. Although Yizhen had never read the book, looking at the picture on the cover, he knew that it could never be a serious collection of stories. The kind that is extremely not serious. She was almost shocked in her heart. But she said nothing, and her face was flat, as if she were blind. After the birthday ceremony, it was time for lunch. Yizhen, as the host, took Qi Xiayun to a famous restaurant in the capital for a lunch. She could see that Qi Xiayun was not too used to these Beijing snacks, but she always nodded and praised them. This makes her really a little curious,Jumping castle with slide, between herself and this cousin, what is the connection she does not know, so that the other side so please themselves? .。 
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