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Biographie The general over there put his sword into its scabbard and sneered, "General Cao, are you still qualified to make a request?" The grass snake laughed. "If I can't let him live, how can I feel at ease to be your ghost under the knife?" In front of this confident and arrogant grass snake, I can't get used to it. I looked at him in a panic, and he turned to look at me with a frightened face and smiled as usual: "You go back to the accounting room first, and I'll deal with it.". I lowered my head and said no more. In fact, I was determined to fight side by side with him, even if I died together, and broke the net with this group of people. However, his expression burst out of the domineering and shock, I simply can not resist. Before returning to the account, I left my sword to him. He still smiled brightly and handed me his broken sword. I bowed my head and turned around, my heart was like a knife. Outside the window, the sound of killing was loud, and the collision of long and short weapons was endless. I curled up quietly in the middle of the curtain, like a frightened bird. I can clearly hear the sound of every blade breaking flesh and blood, even the sound of blood falling into the sand, but I dare not stand up and look out of the window, not because I am afraid of blood,ultrasonic cutting machine, but because I am afraid that the one who is black and blue will really be a grass snake! When the sun was about to set, calm was finally restored outside. Soon the curtain was lifted, and when I looked up, the grass snake was standing quietly in the doorway, his face covered with fatigue, his rag-like black cloak covered with blood, and even his boots were soaked with blood. When his eyes met,ultrasonic dispersing machine, he gave me a brilliant smile and wiped my seven-star sword, which was also covered with blood, with the snow-white curtain. "Your knife is really good," he said with an exaggerated smile. I opened my mouth wide for a long time before I said, "Are you all right?" "Of course, there are 161 more lives under your knife." He came over and sat opposite me again, his feet steady and strong. Are you hungry? There is still some mutton in the third accounting room. Will you go and get it or shall I? The grass snake asked me with a smile. He was always so calm, so calm, never seemed to be at a loss, and I began to admire him a little. I got up to get the food. When I came back, he was sitting upright. I handed him a leg of mutton. He ate very slowly. I thought he was just not hungry. When I looked closely, I found that his mouth was too swollen to open. As soon as I lowered my head, tears wet the sand under my body. He laughs suddenly: "You are a man, cannot cry". I looked up at him and wanted to say that he had shed tears in front of me, ultrasonic emulsifying machine ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, but I couldn't say anything. I seemed to see the blood demon who died in the fire two years ago, just like responding to the advice of the blood demon, I nodded firmly. After the room was quiet for a long time, he suddenly asked me, "Don't you have anything to ask me?" I said, "Yes, I want to know, where have you been all these years?" "Just wandering around." Since you love your country so much? Why did you leave that year? "That year?"? I have no choice! "Can you be more specific?" The grass snake lay down, put his hands behind his head, closed his eyes slightly, and quietly told me about the terrible past of that year. I remembered every word he said that night. Yuner and I are both orphans. My mother died very early. I grew up in a military camp. My father was the first owner of this red copper mail. When I was six years old, he led the soldiers to war. When he was carried back by the soldiers, he could not speak. Then he lay in bed for half a month and never opened his eyes again. The cloud is more miserable than me. She doesn't know who her parents are since she was born. When my father died, Uncle Camel suddenly found me and brought me back to his own home. Yuner was also the adopted daughter of Uncle Camel at that time. I help Uncle Camel herd sheep every day, and Uncle Camel gives me food to eat. At that time, Uncle Camel was not a camel, and the people in the stockade called him General Huang, because he was the commander in chief of the palace guards. The cloud was one year younger than me. At that time, she was only five years old. It had been like this for five years. During those five years, people often died in the stockade. Later, I learned that all this was due to our king. He was a cruel and lascivious man. He must get the woman he liked, no matter what means he used, even if he got only a cold corpse, and did evil for the king. It's Uncle Camel.
Uncle Tuo said that Yuner's parents were also killed by the king, but we could not seek revenge from the king, because he was our king, but later, the king was killed by Uncle Tuo himself. Uncle Camel was a kind man. He said he loved our tribe. He could give everything for the tribe, including getting rid of the greedy and vicious king at that time. Uncle Tuo asked the king to resign from the post of commander-in-chief because of his illness. That day, the king came to Uncle Tuo's house to visit him and planned to give him two beautiful women. But what Uncle Camel offered the king was a cup of poisoned wine, and the person who poisoned him was me, who was twelve years old. When our king fell in Uncle Camel's yurt, Uncle Camel did not hesitate to kill the two women brought by the king. After he had done all this, he called me into the tent and fed me a cup of poisonous wine. Then he told me with tears streaming down his face with a smile, "Your father died fighting for this incompetent fatuous king. Now you have killed him. Not only have you avenged your father, And the hero of the tribe, "and soon Uncle Camel became our new king.". The only thing he didn't expect was that I not only didn't die, but also escaped from the stockade. It was too late when he found out. I ran away in the desert for many days. Finally, I was rescued by the Han people walking in the desert and entered the Wudian Academy. After the camel uncle became king, in order to show his determination to govern the country and comfort the people, he disbanded the former army, dismissed all the women in the former palace, set fire to the former palace, and lived in a sheepskin tent like everyone else! He collected the weapons in the army and melted them into a big pot. Therefore,ultrasonic handheld welder, now Shuiyun has no iron weapons, no army, only a huge iron pot. 
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