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Biographie "We are acquaintances, so about how much rent to give, according to the price you live in now, it means that the house is empty anyway." Tong Yan was hit by the pie falling from the sky a little dizzy, "This is really not good, we live here, has been very troublesome for you, last time also helped me find a part-time job, this time really." No way "No." Aunt Li said to her with a smile, "There is nothing that can't be done. The house is empty. My silly son is used to living in the dormitory of the company and is reluctant to move. And I have to go back to my hometown to accompany my wife. So we are worried that the house is empty and no one will take care of it." Tong Yan is still hesitating, in fact, not how aloof she is, because the self-esteem problem is not willing to easily accept the good intentions of others, on the contrary. When she lived abroad with Guerra, she was used to receiving help from others, such as the old lady Lulisi next door. When she went out to work, she helped her watch Guerra. For example, when she fainted in the hospital because of hypoglycemia, it was an overseas Chinese couple who helped her into the hospital and paid her medical expenses. There were many more. Sometimes compared with life, self-esteem is really nothing. Tong Yan did not agree to Aunt Li's suggestion, just because Aunt Li now intends to help her and her son Li Nan together. So because of this,<a href="">Inflatable outdoor park</a>, Tong Yan could not accept Aunt Li's kindness any more. She could not live in the house she provided while saying to her, "It is impossible for me and your son." If so, she is too wicked. When Aunt Li saw Tong Yan's silence, she thought she was too thin-skinned to pull down her face, so she began to smooth things over for her again. "That's the decision. I'll ask my son to come and help you carry your luggage this week." Tong Yan thought, "Don't do this, don't give us the rent cheaper, because we don't have enough money now,<a href="">Inflatable water obstacle course</a>, so we can't pay the rent for one year at a time, so we hope to pay the rent month by month." Aunt Li thought, "You are a real child. If you really feel embarrassed, just do what you say. The problem of money is not urgent." Tong Yan smiled, "then thank you." - Hill and Knowlton is a small construction company. It entered the a market last year. The company's performance is just so-so. It is developing tepidly. The boss is from Hong Kong. He used to do arms business. He was caught because of bad luck and spent a few years in prison. After he came out, he came to the mainland to set up this small construction company. The boss is a foreigner, and the company is very small. These two points are the reasons why Tong Yan chose to work in this company. And here she is doing drawing work, and she is a white-collar worker without property. It's really not good for a student who graduated from the Department of Architecture of a University to find such a job. When Tong Yan entered the office, Liang Junchao, the business director of the company, was sitting in her seat, drinking tea and turning the sliding chair. When she came in, he quickly greeted her, "Tong Yan, finally wait for you." Tong Yan pulled up a professional smile, <a href="">inflatable amusement park</a> ,<a href="">Inflatable 5k obstacle</a>, "Why is Supervisor Liang free to come to the design department?" "Tell you a good thing." Supervisor Liang narrowed his small eyes and said to her with a big smile, "If you perform well this time, I can mention it to my boss and ask him to give you a raise." What a lot of good things happened today! Tong Yan looked up at Liang Junchao and said with a smile, "What good thing?" "Qin has a development project on hand and intends to do it for our company, so we need to discuss with them the specific contract related issues in the evening, and Qin also attaches great importance to our cooperation project, their boss will personally go to discuss with us.." Speaking of this, Liang Junchao stopped to look at Tong Yan, "so you can go with me in the evening." Tong Yan sneered in his heart, but with a smile on his face bathed in the spring breeze, "Supervisor Liang should be looking for the wrong person, I am drawing in the design department, not in the business department." Liang Junchao smiled, "We all serve the company, but also what departments, and if this list is really taken down, I guarantee that your year-end bonus can be five figures." Tong Yan smiled, "I'm sorry, I really can't do it this time.".
” "Tong Yan, I hope you can think more about the company, so I heard about what happened five years ago, and I sympathize with you, but I don't like you to affect your business because of your private affairs." Liang Junchao is a native of this city, and his wife is the daughter of a section chief of a Bureau, so he knows something about what happened five years ago. All right, I'll go with you. Tong Yan pulled the corners of his mouth, but he could not smile. The author has something to say: Get up early today and send a message ~ I will accompany my grandmother to the temple to worship Buddha ~ (> _ <) ~ to take a long ride and climb a very high mountain ~ tragedy ah ~ I think well, wait for me to say in front of the Buddha: blow up all the overlords of my family.. Heh heh heh ~ float away ~ Chapter 10 After work in the evening, Supervisor Liang came to see her, looked at her dress, frowned, "Tong Yan, you can't wear it like this today.." Then he called Li Moli to help her dress up. Li Moli is the flower of the business department. With her concave and convex figure, a fairly good face with makeup, and a fairly smooth ability to handle affairs, she has always been the gold medal negotiating lady of the business department. In the past, when the company received a slightly bigger case, Supervisor Liang took her with him. Li Moli took a look at Tong Yan, eyes flashed a trace of displeasure, but soon hid, "try this dress, this time Qin not only invited our company, but also Heyuan, Tianhe and other companies, their strength is stronger than us, so today your performance is crucial." Tong Yan looked down at the small cashmere camisole in his hand and looked at Li Moli in a funny way. "Do you want me to wear this thing to accompany the wine?" Li Moli's mouth flashed a trace of sarcasm, but the tone was light, "not to accompany the wine,<a href="">Inflatable indoor park</a>, but to socialize." Tong Yan smiled and did not speak. Li Moli looked at her. "This dinner party is really important. I hope you can behave better." Tong Yan said lightly, "the less you wear, the better you perform?" 。 <a href=""></a> 
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