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Biographie Gede has mastered all the courses, and in less than a month, he is already better than his brother who has been here for a year. He was especially keen to learn illusions, as if he knew them naturally and only waited for others to remind him. The master is a kind and cheerful old man with inexhaustible happiness and wit, and the techniques he teaches also contain the beauty of skill. So before long Gede was not afraid of him, and often asked him this and that, and the master always smiled and taught him what Gede wanted to learn. One day, because Ge De wanted Jia Sipo to make a fool of himself, he asked the master in the "Shape-like Courtyard": "Master, these spells you taught are very similar, one pass is all pass. But often as soon as Shi Hao's strength relaxes, the illusion disappears. "Now, for example, I turn a pebble into a diamond," Gerd said, twitching his wrist, saying a spell, and a diamond came out. But how do I keep it looking like a diamond? How to lock the magic of change and make the diamond last? The master looked at the sparkling diamond in Gede's hand, which was as bright as a dragon's hidden treasure. The old master read a word: "Tuo", and the diamond in Gede's hand immediately turned into a rough gray pebble, and the diamond disappeared. The master took the pebble and held it. In Mantra, this rock is called Tuo. Teacher Fu Wenwen looked at Gede and said, "It is a small stone made by Rouke Island, and it is also a handful of dry soil on which human beings can live.". But it is itself,grey marble slab, a part of heaven and earth. Through the transformation of illusions, you can make Tuo look like a diamond, or a flower, a fly, an eye, a flame. The little rock changed its shape again and again according to the old master's name, and finally turned back into a rock. But these are only'similar in shape '. The illusion fools the senses of the viewer. It is the illusion that makes the viewer'see, hear, and feel 'as if the thing has changed,Artificial Marble Slabs, but the illusion does not change the substance itself. If you want to turn this rock into a diamond, you must change its real name. But, my child, after doing that, even if it only changes this tiny part between heaven and earth, it also changes heaven and earth. To change, there is a way to change, indeed, there is no mistake, that is the ability to change the master, that skill will be learned sooner or later after you have made the necessary preparations. However, if you don't know what good or bad results will follow after the change, even if it's just the same object, a small pebble, or a small grain of sand, don't change it. The universe is balanced and in a state of "unity and balance". The wizard's ability to transform or summon can shake the balance of heaven and earth, Calacatta Nano Glass ,pietra gray marble, and that power is dangerous, very dangerous. Therefore, we must act according to knowledge, and we must act according to need. When a candle is lit, it casts a dark shadow. The old master looked at the pebble again. You see, a rock itself is a good thing. "If all the islands of Earthsea were made of diamonds, we would have a hard time," he said, becoming less serious. Son, for the illusion, just enjoy it and let the rock be the rock. He smiled, but not satisfied. No matter who asks the mage closely and wants to find out the secret of magic, the mage will go away and talk about balance, danger, darkness and so on, just like Ogien. However, if any wizard has gone beyond these illusions and reached the real magic of summoning and transformation, he must have enough power to balance heaven and earth at will, according to his own best state, and use his own light to drive the darkness back. He met Jia Siyou at the corner. Since Gerd's work had begun to be widely praised throughout the college, Jasper seemed to speak to Gerd more kindly and politely, but also more derisively. "You look unhappy, Sparrowhawk," he said. "Is it because the magic spell has failed?" Gerd, as usual, this time also very much hopes to be able to stand on the footing of care and so on with Jia Sipo. So he answered the question without paying attention to the taunt: "I am tired of changing spells and these illusory tricks, which are only suitable for the lords of Centipede who live idly in castles and territories.". The only real magic that Rook Island has taught me is to create false light, and a little weather magic. The rest is just bluff stuff. "Even a bluff is dangerous in the hands of a fool.".
"Jia Sipo said.". When Gerd heard this, as if he had been slapped in the face, he immediately stepped forward to Jia Sipo. But the older boy smiled, as if what he had just said was not meant to be insulting, nodded stiffly and gracefully, and went away. Ge De stood where he was, looking at Jia Sipo's back, and his heart was filled with anger. His hairstyle must surpass his opponent, not only in illusion, but also in strength. He wanted to prove himself and humiliate Jasper; he wasn't going to let that guy stand there and look down on him with grace and contempt and resentment. Gerd had no possible reason why Paul Jasper might resent him. He only knew why he resented Jasper. Since entering the Academy, the other apprentices soon found that they could rarely be Gede's opponents, whether in sports or active learning. So when they talked about Gede, they either praised or encouraged him. The brothers all said, "Gede is a born wizard and will never be defeated by you." Jia Sipo was the only one who neither praised Gede nor avoided him. He smiled slightly, and his expression really looked down on Gede. Since Jia Sipo was the only one against him, he had to make Jia Sipo look bad. Gerd clings to this opposing view and cultivates it as a matter of personal self-respect. One thing he did not understand, or would not understand, was that in this opposition lurked the dangers and darkness that the master had gently warned of. When Gede was not driven by pure anger, he knew very well that he was far from being a match for Jia Siji or other brothers, so he buried himself in his work and studied as usual. At the end of summer, work is slightly reduced and there is more time for exercise. The brothers held magic boat races in the harbor, held magic feasts in the courtyard of Hongxuan Hall, or played hide-and-seek in the woods during the long dusk. When playing hide-and-seek, both sides are invisible, only to hear each other's voices and laughter moving through the trees, and they chase or dodge each other following the illusionary false light that is on and off. When autumn comes,White Marble Mosaic, everyone goes back to work and practices new magic. In this way, Gerd's first month on Rouke Island was full of enthusiasm and surprise, and the time passed quickly. 
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