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Biographie "Pow!" Wang Mei put the chopsticks in her hand on the edge of the stove and raised the volume. "Fang Zhijin, what are you calling?"? Get up quickly! Said, mercilessly gave a horizontal look at the youngest daughter, do not think I do not know, you must be provoked, the youngest cry, "I have no!" Then he pretended to be very aggrieved and went to pull Fang's father's skirt in a pitiful way to seek comfort. All right! How can there be so many ways? Hurry up and eat! Father Fang urged the two women in front of him impatiently, thinking helplessly, how could anything go wrong! Seeing her daughter leaning on her leg, as if she hadn't got any candy to eat, she could hang an oil bottle with her mouth pouting. She laughed and patted the youngest daughter on the head. The youngest daughter arched coquettishly into Fang's father's arms, squinting her eyes, feeling that she was not happy enough, regardless of the discontented eyes behind her, thinking that no matter how her mother stared, she could not pull herself over? Besides, next time I will act like a spoiled child with my mother, what is there to be jealous of! At this time, Fang Yunyun came in, "Mom, it's all packed up." "Well, then fill up the rice quickly. Let's eat it quickly, or it will be hot again soon. It's autumn tiger now!" Wang Mei hurriedly pulled out the chopsticks from the chopsticks cage behind her to her eldest daughter and ordered her to hurry up. Fang Yunyun squatted down and took out a large porcelain basin from the second layer of the chopping board and began to hold porridge. This kind of chopping board was made by Fang's father himself. The board was made of strong willow wood, and the bottom was made of water-resistant elm wood. There were two layers, on which you could spread dough, roll noodles and make dumplings. The place was very spacious. The lower layer is full of dishes,Glucono Delta Lactone, bowls and pans, and the hand-pulled door is pressed with a gauze, which is very practical. Under the second layer, that is, next to the ground, the ground is covered with thick wooden boards, which can be waterproof. Under it are the durable winter melons, hanging melons, sweet potatoes,Kava Root Extract, dried peppers, dried lentils, several bags of red beans, mung beans and so on. The whole chopping board is like a treasure box. Picking up the meal, Fang Yunyun could not help complaining to her mother, "Mom, you see how old the youngest sister is, how can she still look like a milk doll?" Seeing that her mother just smiled and did not express anything, Fang Yunyun shook her head helplessly and did not go to see her father, she should feel that there was no hope! He rolled his eyes to the sky and said to himself helplessly, "Why am I so stupid? This is the effect every time!" Father Fang got up and patted the ashes on his body. He raised his hand and put the towel on his hand. Who is this man? The youngest, of course. Go to the washstand, try the water temperature, it's a little cold! Turn around like a top and come to the back pot. Here is a small pot behind two big pots. Put water on it. After cooking, the water in the small pot will be hot. Pick up your feet and scoop it up with a gourd ladle. Turn around and go back to the washstand. Pour a little hot water in and try the water temperature. Well, it's just right! Put the ladle away, hurriedly came over to roll up Fang's father's sleeve, Fang's father also enjoyed the service of the youngest daughter, Nonoxynol 9 Factory ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, unconsciously hummed a ditty, "alley, deep that faint-" dragging a long tune, squinting eyes.. After dinner, Wang Mei patted her thigh, "Oh, why did we forget to look for the car?"? How can I get there without a bike? Look left and right, unexpectedly no one pays attention to oneself, just regret the heart immediately put back, angry at Fang Dad, "you borrowed it, right?"? And not tell me! He stood up to greet the children and said, "Hurry up and get it done." When he came back, he took some clothes in his hand and threw them on Fang's father. "Why don't you put them on quickly, like an uncle?" The mouth complained, but the feet did not stop. After a while, Fang's father's socks and shoes were lying in front of Fang's father. "En," Fang's father put down his teacup. The old man gave a sound of kindness. He did not get up immediately, but squinted for a while. Before he saw his wife's eyes staring, he got up to change his clothes.
When several people saw Fang's father coming out, they all took their places in a flash. The youngest also followed his brother. Seeing that his brother was sitting well, he immediately jumped into the back seat. Fang Yunyun took the lead, followed by Fang Zhijin, regardless of Fang's father and mother behind him, thinking that he could keep up anyway! Brother and sister like a race, you chase me for a while and then see the street corner of Zhongdian Town. It's not like when you go to the street at ordinary times, you always look left and right. Fang Zhijin kicks hard, carrying Xiao Yao like a loach, running forward from the crowd like the wind. "Xiao Jin, slow down!" Fang Yunyun saw that there were not many people around him, presumably because it was too early, so he did not shout for his brother. In fact, he was anxious and wanted to get there quickly, but he couldn't do that kind of recklessness. Yun Yun, slow down! Wang Mei poked her head out from behind Fang's father and looked forward uneasily. Seeing that her daughter was still riding so fast in the street, her heart was raised. She could not help scolding, "What do you care about her? She has been riding like this for several years. She can't be familiar with the road. Besides, I pressed the brake of the car again. It works." When Wang Mei heard her husband say this, she finally felt a little better. She wanted to refute it but didn't know how to say it. She simply became angry, ignored her husband and looked at the scenery. 44. When the house is in progress Fang Zhijin looked for his own school. He could be said to be familiar with the road. He rushed left and right. After a while, he arrived at the gate of the Central Town Middle School. After stopping his bicycle, he patted the handlebar and motioned to loosen the novel tightly around his waist. "Younger sister, do you want to murder your brother on purpose?"? This will kill people! "Yuck, can't you ride slower?" The younger one muttered unconvinced, holding his brother's waist and jumping down from the car, "Ride slowly next time!" Shake your wrists and your belly, I don't want to strangle you! Hiccup died, aiming at Fang Zhijin's waist, no meat at all! Fang Zhijin stretched out her head, pedaled with one foot, and slid in circles, pretending not to see the youngest sister aiming at her waist and showing an expression of disgust, but still couldn't help looking at herself, very good! Bony! Bony! Muscular! Muscular! As for the youngest sister's eyes. Still too small, where can you realize what is the best figure for boys now? Must still stay in the "bucket cat" drooling stage, have time to give her a good analysis! If the youngest knew that he was now such a childish image in his brother's heart,S Adenosyl Methionine, he would immediately roll his eyes to him, "I am the'royal elder sister ', what do I not know?". 
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