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Biographie After grasping the rock, he climbed up more than one meter, but because he could only exert himself with one hand, one side of his body hit the stone hard, and his injured shoulder was hit by it. The sharp pain in a moment almost made Qiaoyuan's eyes white, and he almost let go of his hand. Clenching his teeth and hanging on the stone wall, Qiaoyuan gasped for breath and his arms burst blue veins. It was not easy for him to catch his breath and not fall down. He looked down at Luo Jixue. Luo Jixue stepped back half a step by his foot, but soon rushed up again and began to climb the stone wall with his hands and feet. Yes, that's it. Be careful not to fall. Qiaoyuan looked at Luo Jixue's eyes with "deep love". Now Luo Jixue is basically an ideal stepping stone! Through her to climb up do not need to bother to find a foothold, can only hope that her movements faster, more durable, can give him a few more feet. Qiaoyuan looked at it, and about two more times, he was basically able to find a way to go up. But poor Luo Jixue still can't realize that as the only woman in the team, she not only didn't get the love she deserved, but now she was even cruelly used as a stepping stone by her teammates. It's really sad to hear and cry to see. Luo Jixue, who had no idea that he was being exploited by the devil Qiaoyuan, had climbed up one meter with his hands and feet, and was getting closer and closer to Qiaoyuan. And Qiaoyuan also clung to the rock wall,Serum Bottle With Dropper, sticking his body to the rock wall, trying to save energy, waiting for Luo Jixue to come up. When Luo Jixue approached his position, Qiaoyuan looked at the relatively safe place below, stepped on her shoulder again, and stepped her down to the thick Bush, while he again grabbed a gap in the wall with his uninjured hand. This operation sounds as if it is very simple,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, that is, to take advantage of the force to grasp upward. But in fact, it is extremely difficult to really do it. This is not only a test of arm strength and physical strength, but also a test of judgment. Qiaoyuan could only climb up with one hand, and every time he jumped up and grabbed something, not only did his injured arm have to bear a blow, but his grasping hand was also devastated. If you use too much strength, you may break your finger, and if you use too little, you may not be able to catch it and fall down. After only two jumps, his five fingers were already bloody, his nails were lifted by the hard stone wall, and blood slowly seeped through the nails. An ordinary person would probably not be able to bear the pain, let alone have physical support, 16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps ,30ml Dropper Bottle, but also need to consider Luo Jixue without serious injury to kick people down. Qiaoyuan trembled with pain, and his grip on the rock was about to be released. However, he could not let go, this hand was holding four lives, including his own, and if he let go, he would have no strength to do it again! Qiaoyuan clenched his teeth and stared at Luo Jixue's eyes crazily and firmly. Luo Jixue even feared for a moment and hesitated for a few seconds before he began to climb up again. Half a meter, thirty centimeters, ten centimeters.. Qiaoyuan clenched his teeth and finally watched Luo Jixue approach him again little by little, climbing to the position where he could reach his feet. Right now! "Drink!" Once again, Qiaoyuan jumped up on Luo Jixue's shoulder. He stretched his arms hard and finally caught the ground on the top of the mountain. The muscles of his arm tightened and bulged, and Qiaoyuan tried desperately to climb up with one hand. However, due to previous overuse, this time his arm began to lose control and he could not exert his strength at all. Shit! Qiaoyuan scolded secretly and raised his injured shoulder trembling little by little. Although the shoulder suffered a penetrating injury, the nerve was not completely broken, and it could still move. Qiaoyuan did not think of lifting his arm completely to the top of his head. This action requires turning his shoulder half a circle, which is impossible for him to do. But it's still possible to bend your forearm and grab the rock in your chest, but it takes a lot of pain. Because of the pain, the cold sweat oozing from the forehead flowed down from the corner of the eye. Qiaoyuan struggled to bend his forearm, grabbed the stone wall in front of his chest, slowly pushed his body up with severe pain, and worked hard with another hand holding the ground above, and finally slowly climbed to the top of the mountain. However, before he could be happy and breathe for a while, the scene on the top of the mountain made Qiaoyuan gasp in an instant.
There was a grove on the hill, but in addition to the grove, there was a ghost. It seems that it has long understood the destination of Qiaoyuan and is waiting here. The author has something to say: Qiaoyuan: You are a qualified pedal. Luo Jixue: excuse me?? The stupid author is also suffering from the pain of his fingers. Yesterday, he held the blade of the scissors to cut the tape and almost cut his fingers. Now I have tetanus, and it is difficult to code words with a band-aid. Chapter 34 "This is really exciting." Qiaoyuan was almost frightened by the ghost and fell directly. After he was shocked, he found that the ghost was floating in the air with his back to it, as if he had not found his appearance yet. Qiaoyuan took a deep breath and tried to control his movements so as not to make a big noise to disturb the enemy. Quietly climbing to the top of the hill, Qiaoyuan first rolled around and hid behind a tree. After hiding, he first looked sideways at the ghost, confirmed that it was still not aware of his movement and breathed a sigh of relief, and then planned to hide for a while to catch his breath and think about what to do next, which was also equal to Zizhe's support. As soon as he stopped, his spirit was not so tense, and Qiaoyuan instantly felt the fatigue and pain coming from all over his body, especially his two hands. He spread his hands trembling in front of him and looked at the hands covered with scars and blood with a wry smile. I'm in a mess. Fortunately, after customs clearance, it seems that he will automatically recover his physical condition, otherwise, as he is now,30ml dropper bottle, it is impossible for him to jump around with a gunshot wound without leaving sequelae. I just think that if every world is like this in the future, it will be very sad. Pain is a trivial matter, afraid of a nervous breakdown. Qiaoyuan put away his messy thoughts and carefully poked his head out again. 
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